Rebel Moon


Here’s an excerpt from my novel REBEL MOON. There are no dates to memorize, I promise:

Before Jamie could turn his head—Wham! A blow hit him square on the back. Air whooshed out of his lungs, and he flew forward, landing face first on the ground.

He spat out a mouthful of dirt and rolled over. Billy Flint, the toll keeper’s son, stood over him, waving THE CONSTITUTION like a flag. Jamie groaned. Was this big oaf going to haunt his days in Dundas?

“What are you reading, Farm Boy?” Billy jabbed a thick finger at the masthead emblazoned across the top of the newspaper. “It’s that reformer rag, isn’t it?” He held it close to his face and squinted. Either he wasn’t much of a reader or he needed spectacles.

“Give it back.” Jamie jumped and tried to snatch it, but Billy swatted him away with one hand.

“You lot are a bunch of trouble-makers.” Billy waved the newspaper in Jamie’s face. “That’s what my pa says. Wait till he sees this …”


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Heat rose from the back of Jamie’s neck to the roots of his hair. That paper came from his father. It wasn’t for the likes of Billy. Jamie wanted to charge at the other boy and pummel him into the dirt, only that wouldn’t work. Billy was at least a head taller and built like an ox. But Jamie wasn’t about to walk away.

Billy was still laughing when Jamie ran at him. Crouching low, he hooked his right leg behind Billy’s knee and threw his weight against the boy’s chest. Billy toppled to the ground, taking Jamie with him …

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You’ll have to read the novel to find out who wins this skirmish.

Of course Jamie wants more than the newspaper; he wants to find his father. The story of his struggles is the story of REBEL MOON.

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